“Fukushima and the coming Tokyo Earthquake” : Introductory Video.

This short video shows the area near Tokyo Bay where all economic and political power is concentrated. Tokyo/Yokohama is the world’s most densely populated urban zone. The video then shows a memorial park which has a direct connection to the last big earthquake in Tokyo in 1923.


This video uses Japan Seismological Society data to show earthquake activity near Japan in 2011.

It is worth having the sound up while watching. As you watch it, try to imagine what it was like for those living in Northern Japan during the months after March 11th, when radioactivity was spewing out of the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant and powerful aftershocks struck every single day.


This video shows liquefaction in Urayasu City, Chiba in 2011.

The area shown is located a little to the east of the top of Tokyo Bay, and is mostly reclaimed land. Reclaimed land is prone to liquefaction during a severe earthquake. This damages subsurface infrastructure as well as the foundations for buildings above ground.


Dynamic maps of sea level rise.

If you live at or near a coastal area, or have friends or relatives who do, use this program to calculate the effects of various levels of rise in sea levels worldwide. It’s very easy to use. The results are based on NASA data.

Dynamic Maps of Sea Level Rise